Radiant Floor Heat

Thinking about adding floor heat?  Give us a call . . . we are certified Nuheat installers and repair technicians.  We offer a 25-year warranty on any new installations of Nuheat!


5 Reasons to Love Radiant Floor Heat:

Hear the silence: Unlike forced air systems, which hum and swoosh, radiant heat systems are quiet--no air echoing through vents or furnaces firing up.

Feel the still: Radiant heat transfers heat from tubes or panels to people and things. No air rushes into and around the room, preventing drafts and static electricity that literally stands your hair on end.

Breathe the air: Radiant heat is good for your allergies because it doesn’t kick up dust or pollen that swirls through the air and up your nose.

Change the plan: Radiant heat is easiest to install in new construction, but it’s also simple to add to old construction or remodels. Radiant heat mats easily install under new tile, while radiant panels fit nicely on ceilings or walls. You don’t have to worry about where to put ducts or registers--radiant heat doesn’t need them.

Set the temperature: Radiant heat, which can supplement other heat sources, is easy to zone through individual, programmable thermostats. Each room can feel the heat for as long and as high as you want.

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